The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Summer Driving

Your summer driving experience should be stress-free and filled with scenic routes and memories. Whether you’re taking a short drive or a long road trip, there’s nothing better than a worry-free summer driving experience. Read our guide to ensure your summer drives are as smooth as the open road.

Perform a pre-trip vehicle check

Before you hit the road, you should give your vehicle a quick inspection. Walk around the exterior of your vehicle, ensure your tyres are properly inflated, and check your fluids are topped up. A pre-trip vehicle check helps you minimise the risks of unexpected breakdowns.

Plan your route

Nothing comes together without a solid plan. If you want a seamless summer driving experience, then you need to plan your route. Accidents, roadworks, and other unexpected obstacles, can easily put a halt to your summer drive. Leverage technology, like mobile applications, to check real-time traffic updates to keep you on the quickest route. You can also stay tuned to a local radio station for traffic updates. A well-planned route saves you time, and gives you more of a stress-free driving experience.

Avoid peak traffic hours

Traffic is a major stressor for drivers, especially in the summer heat. Travelling during non-peak hours will reduce the likelihood of you getting caught in congested traffic. A less crowded road will give you a more relaxed and enjoyable driving experience. Hit the open road during non-peak hours to ensure a smooth, enjoyable summer driving experience. 

Keep it cool

As the temperature rises, keeping your car’s interior cool, and your body hydrated, is important. Driving in a hot car makes you uncomfortable, irritable, and reduces your ability to concentrate. If you’re distracted, you are more likely to make an unfortunate mistake, like hitting a pothole and damaging your tyre and rim

Use your air conditioner as needed, and have a bottle of water nearby to keep your body hydrated. Once you’ve reached your destination, park undercover, or in the shade, to keep your car cool.

Pack snacks

A well-fed driver is an efficient driver. The summer heat can often cause fatigue. Keep a mix of healthy snacks in your car to maintain your energy levels. Try to opt for no-mess, easy-to-eat options, including dried fruit and granola bars.

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