The importance of wheel alignment and balancing.

Wheel alignment and balancing plays an important role in ensuring your car’s safety on the road. Aligned and balanced wheels also maximise fuel efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your tyres. That’s why with Tyre and Rim Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you get annual wheel alignment and balancing included in your policy.

What is wheel alignment and balancing?

Wheel alignment is a process that involves adjusting the angles of your car’s wheels to meet manufacturer specifications. Wheel balancing corrects the weight imbalance between your tyre and wheel. By making these adjustments to your wheels, you ensure that your tyres make optimal contact with the road surface. Wheel alignment and balancing helps to ensure even tyre wear and consistent performance.

How do you know if your wheels need alignment and balancing?

Improper wheel alignment and balancing can cause damage to your car’s suspension and tyres, straining your car’s performance. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s time to get your wheels aligned and balanced. You should have your wheel alignment and balancing done at least every 5,000 kilometres. Wheel alignment and balancing is also usually done every time you rotate or change your tyres. 

Here are some of the most common signs of improper wheel alignment and balancing:

Uneven tyre wear

Inspect your tyres regularly for signs of wear. Uneven wear is a classic sign that your wheels need to be aligned and balanced. If you notice wear on the inner or outer edges of your tyre tread, or uneven wear patterns, you need to get your tyres aligned and balanced.

Steering is off-centre

If you’re driving on a straight, level road, and you have to correct the steering to keep your car straight, your steering may be off-centre. If your steering is off-centre, your wheels may be misaligned.

Vibrations when driving

If you can feel or hear vibrations when driving, especially at higher speeds, your wheels may not be balanced. You may also be able to feel vibrations through the steering wheel or your car’s chassis. Having your wheels balanced will redistribute the weight evenly around your wheels. A balanced wheel will help prevent vibrations.

The benefits of regular wheel alignment and balancing

Regular wheel alignment and balancing has many benefits for your wheels, and your wallet. 

Longer tyre life

Proper wheel alignment and balancing ensures your tyres wear evenly. If your wheels are not aligned and balanced correctly, your tyres are more prone to uneven tread wear. Having your wheels aligned and balanced regularly will help reduce uneven tread wear, extending the life of your tyres. With the average tyre price in South Africa being in excess of R2,000 per tyre, you want to ensure your tyres last.

Fuel efficiency 

When your wheels are not aligned, your car experiences an increase in resistance, causing your engine to work harder, and burn more fuel. With regular wheel alignment and balancing,

you can avoid unnecessary resistance. Less resistance between your wheels and the road can lead to improved fuel efficiency and cost savings.

Over the past 10 years, fuel prices in South Africa have increased by over 75%. With the price of fuel at the moment, you’ll want the best fuel efficiency possible.

Safer driving experience

If your wheels are properly aligned and balanced, you’ll have a smoother driving experience. You’ll experience better handling and control over your car. Thus, contributing to a safer driving experience, especially in challenging weather conditions.

Annual wheel alignment and balancing with Tyre and Rim Insurance

One of the many benefits of our Tyre and Rim Insurance is that annual wheel alignment and balancing is included in your policy.

With Bidvest Insurance, you can get Tyre and Rim Insurance from only R89 per month. Our Tyre and Rim Insurance helps you reduce the financial effects of having to replace and/or repair tyres and rims in unforeseen circumstances, like hitting a pothole or debris on the road.

Protect your wallet from unexpected tyre and rim damage with Tyre and Rim Insurance from Bidvest Insurance.

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